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"Her techniques are unique and the results instant. She helped me in seconds in a way no other voice coach has and I have worked with several. Truly gifted."

After years of teaching both singing and anatomy in the university, my life in Europe began when I was awarded an NIH postdoctoral fellowship to do further research on the voice at the Royal College of Surgeons in London.

While in London I studied Alexander technique, dance, movement, spiritual alchemy, and the esoteric and spiritual aspects of sound and healing. I came to value all these elements as contributing greatly to ‘presence’ in the performer. As a result of this study, I gave up my university teaching in the USA and moved to London to further my interests in healing and communication.

My firm belief is that singers and speakers must develop both their inner and outer selves to enable a true message from the heart, and thus facilitate healing for themselves and others.

Professional music activities have included solo concerts, performances in summer stock, choral conducting of major choral works, musical director of shows in university and community theatre, voice and vocal consultant to film productions and theatre.

In addition to university teaching and consulting, there have been tours in the US, UK, and Europe giving Master classes for singers and teachers of singing, teaching courses in Presence in Performance and Vocal Anatomy for Voice Professionals, and most recently the development of CoreSinging® and Voice on Stage for Speakers.

CoreSinging®, a wonderful universal approach to performance and the teaching of singing, was officially launched in 2009. It is the culmination of a lifelong search for an effective way to enjoy singing and learning to sing. After years of research and experimenting with many approaches, the last piece of the puzzle was put into place after intensive study of energy healing. The energy work has been amalgamated into the process with huge success. To share CoreSinging® with those in the vocal arts is a pleasure and a joy.
Courses in CoreSinging® are being held in Europe and North America with plans to teach in other parts of the world in the near future.

Here is a sample of one of my in-person clinics:


Meribeth Dayme, PhD is a pioneer in the field of the voice and singing. Meribeth created CoreSinging® and Voice on Stage for Speakers for those who need far more than the basics in performance and presentation. Her dream is that performers and presenters inspire and transform themselves and the audiences they reach by means of their energy and presence on stage.

After years of working with performers, teachers, executives in the corporate sector, writing and coaching speakers, and her own self-development, she is now bringing her exceptional skills to her online courses. Specializing in personal transformation and captivating performance, she works with entrepreneurs on the unseen energetic components of voice and presence that make lasting impressions and create visible results. Using a scientific and conscious approach to performance, her clients display a remarkable energy and presence.

Her multi-faceted background includes science and research in voice, performance, years of teaching vocal pedagogy to prominent teachers and voice professionals around the world, study of Alexander Technique, dance and movement, sports, a variety of healing modalities, quantum mechanics and energy—all of which contribute greatly to her current work and writings.


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